The Regional Centre for Social Policy in Cracow undertakes its activities in terms of:

  1. Elaborating, updating and realizing regional social policy strategy which is an integral part of the regional development strategy;
  2. Organizing education and vocational trainings for social aid care representatives;
  3. Identifying the cause of poverty and elaborating regional social aid programs supporting local self-governments taking actions devoted to combat this occurrence;
  4. Inspiring and promoting new solutions in terms of social policy, in this, social aid;
  5. Preparing social aid resources’ evaluation and passing it to appropriate institutions;
  6. Collaborating with public administration on a national and regional level as well as with non-public bodies, in order to elaborate cohesive programs devoted to social policy in the Małopolska Region;
  7. Conducting social forecasts and analysis in the region;
  8. Creating, co-creating and realizing projects co-financed or financed under EU sources and other foreign sources;
  9. Realizing regional self-government’s tasks referred to  the Act on Combating Domestic Violence, especially:
    1. elaboration and realizing a regional program against family violence
    2. elaboration framework programs for the protection of family violence victims as well as programs devoted to educate and correct persons using family violence;
  10. Realizing regional self-government’s tasks referred to in the Act concerning Family Support and Foster Care, especially:
    1. running an adoption center for the Małopolska Region, in this, data center about children waiting for a family
    2.  monitoring and coordinating adoption processes in the region,
    3. elaborating programs connected with family and foster care system support, being an integral part of the regional development strategy;
  11. Preparing reports according to the rules and passing them to suitable bodies, in this to the Voivode, also in an electronic form, using suitable ICT systems,
  12. Coordinating social economy activities in the region.

Contact details:

The Regional Centre for Social Policy in Cracow
Piastowska street 32
30-070 Cracow
Tel. 12 422 06 36
e-mail: biuro@rops.krakow.pl

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